About S&M Tree Services

S and M Tree Services was established in 1990 to provide arborist and tree services throughout Elizabethtown and surrounding area. Building on the promise to deliver only the finest tree care service, company owner and certified arborist Steven Wallace and his staff of experienced tree care professionals, have grown S and M Tree Services into one of the finest and most reputable tree service companies in Elizabethtown and his team continue to stay focused on the company’s vision to help customers appreciate the importance of professional tree care service by certified arborists.


Why hire S and M Tree Services?

You only have one chance at trimming, pruning or cutting down a tree, so you better make sure you hire a company who will get it done right.

All too often we meet homeowners who failed miserably to trim, prune or remove their trees by themselves. Their actions caused more problems than they solved. Did a tree limb fall where it wasn’t supposed to? Did you trim back too much so now you tree looks lopsided? Did a neighbor make things worse? If this sounds familiar, don’t worry because S and M Tree Services can help fix your problem. Our certified arborists and tree workers have seen it all and done it all. We can tackle any tree maintenance or tree removal project regardless of tree type, shape, height or quantity.

We’re serious about tree care, so why take the chance to let someone other than a tree professional touch your trees?


Top Choice For Tree Care Service

Anyone who tells you that you don’t need to hire an arborist to inspect, trim or remove a tree will probably have no knowledge of arboriculture or know how to scientifically assess the health of a tree. Without the specialized experience that certified arborists are required to have, you could put yourself and property in a dangerous situation fast. So ask yourself, are you really willing to risk your health and safety over a tree? As one of the oldest and most experienced tree care companies in Elizabethtown you can trust S and M tree Services to deliver the best care that your trees deserve and depend on to be healthy all year round.

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